Why Torah Chayim?

A handful of us have traveled outside the box to share an idea that we’ve been contemplating for a long time. We’ve opened the idea to the Beloved Community just to see if it resonates.

Please keep in mind: “Idea,” not “Organization.”

We have discovered that many tuned-in members of the Beloved Community are seeking opportunities to become more spiritually and intellectually engaged through prayer, study, connection, and the performance of good deeds. Can those aspirations be made real?

Torah Chayim proposes to build an interfaith “community without walls” — away from having a single “building” to bring our spiritual interests and motivations. It is symbolic of breaching the walls that divide us and creating a chorus of oneness in God’s presence, a truly Beloved Community.

Thus Torah Chayim provides Greenville’s Beloved Community opportunities to celebrate the core values of Study, Worship, Connection, and Deeds of Lovingkindness.

People from all walks of life are eagerly invited to partake in the classical Jewish insights into study, prayer, at-one-ness and altruism.

We propose to be a sincere initiative to introduce all people to the “Judeo” in the “Judeo-Christian” tradition – discovering new-old paths toward communing with God and each other.

We’re eager, so let’s see what happens.

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