Step up, please

Torah Chayim is a niche of folks earnest to have Torah put in our minds and written on our hearts, whether from a Tanach standpoint or from a “New Testament” standpoint, to make Torah become alive.

Torah Chayim efforts to have Torah put in our minds and written on our hearts are best fulfilled by inspired, motivated and willing individuals who are willing to step up to the plate, serve the niche of hungry souls, and be blessed in so doing.

If you are willing to become a become a partner/chaver to our niche, please email Rabbi Wilson at

One response to “Step up, please

  1. Johnn &doris Meissner

    Rabbi Wilson,
    from John & Doris, First Baptist Church, Greenville
    Just to let you know we really enjoyed the Tora Chayim this past
    Saturday. I’m 82 years old and this was my first visit to a Jewish service
    even though as a youth in Yonkers, NY I grew up with many Jewish friends – guess they never thought of inviting me .Thank you for the wonderful experience and keep us posted on future events – the food was delicious. God bless your endeavor.
    Also from me, Doris Meissner, thank you for letting us experience a Jewish Worship Service. We regret, not being able to understand Hebrew, but we could feel the reverence and love of God – the one God we also love. Our baptist worship service now seems so simple,in comparison.
    I wish we could have thanked the people who prepared the delicious food.
    Shalom, Doris


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