Coming Up

Torah Chayim is planning several activities in the near future.  Among them:

  • Continuing the current Torah Study by Rabbi Wilson, 8:00 PM most Monday evenings, at Greenfield’s Bagel & Deli.
  • Shabbat Worship Services.  Time and location to be determined.
  • Rosh HaShanah (Sundown 24th September – 26th) Celebration.  25 September, time and venue to be determined.
  • Yom Kippur 3 – 4 October.
  • Sukkah Party.  (Sukkot: Sundown 8th October – 15th)  Time to be determined.  Venue probably Migdal Oz.
  • Topical Torah studies led by local educators and scholars.
  • Shabbat and Holiday dinners.
  • Synagogue Skills Seminar.
  • Newsletter that is motivational, newsy and Jewish/Israeli oriented.


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